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The name describes my demeanour and voice! I love narrowboating and that is why this blog is mainly about the boat and our interaction with it. I have been keeping a log for Sonflower ever since we bought her and moved onto her as our main residence. Some incidents in our boating life have been hilarious, some scary and some down right dangerous. I cannot tell what will come in the future but you can now share them! The crew are an 'ordinary' couple. The Best Mate and I.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Waving the flag

What a day yesterday. There was only one event in my diary and that was to see the Queen during her visit to Banbury.Here is a picture of my flag, courtesy of the Town Mayor,

. . . . and here is the Queen's Standard flying above the Town Hall.

I also have a picture of The Queen during her walkabout but I am not too sure of the etiquette and whether I should show you that one.

The visit got a bit of negative press because a fool used the occasion to try to spoil it.

Most people, however, were pleased that Her Majesty (sorry for the previous faux-pas, see comment below) and HRH Prince Philip made time in a very busy day to meet and greet the people of the town. The Prince had been to Prodrive, the maker of very expensive big boys toys, in the morning while The Queen opened a new Cheshire home and after a reception by The Town Mayor and celebrating a 400 year old charter they left for Oxford's JR hospital and lunch at Magdelene College. Quite a good day;s work for an octogenarian couple.

We enjoyed her visit and it cheered us up on an otherwise featureless grey day.

Thank you M'am.


Adam said...

You're certainly allowed to publish a photo of the Queen. However, you have committed a faux pas by caller her "Her Royal Highness", as that's the title used to lesser royals. The Queen is "Her Majesty"!

eeyore said...

Thank you, Adam. Duly humbled and penitent.