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The name describes my demeanour and voice! I love narrowboating and that is why this blog is mainly about the boat and our interaction with it. I have been keeping a log for Sonflower ever since we bought her and moved onto her as our main residence. Some incidents in our boating life have been hilarious, some scary and some down right dangerous. I cannot tell what will come in the future but you can now share them! The crew are an 'ordinary' couple. The Best Mate and I.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Al dressed up- nowhere to go

We are a very sad crew at the moment.

Tooley's mechanic worked on our boat until almost eight o'clock last night to clear faults that prevented us getting away.

We came out of the dock and the boat looks superb. However, the remainder of the day was not so good. "We couldn't have written a script for this" I quipped. But by the time the Tooley's man had finished all we caould do was get Kentucky fried chicken and go home to bed. We had no hot water and no energy left.

We saw our friends off back to Germany yesterday lunchtime after a full english special breakfast in Paw Paw. This wonderful resource is just a step from the canal at the bus station and provides a wonderful and reasonably priced breakfast until lunchtime and then a mix and match chinese menu thereafter. Full take away service available. But I digress.. . .

We returned to the boat this lunchtime after Easter Service at church, loaded with provisions for our mini cruise for the remainder of the holiday and invited Granny to come aboard as our newly modified stairs from stern deck would now be manageble by her hips and knees. Auntie janet steered her into the boat and she was thrilled to be aboard properly for the first time. So we expected to take her for a little ride but. . . . the engine would not start.

I have emailed the boatyard and will report on their response.

We look good on the outside. But wthout an engine a boat is dead.

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