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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mooring Prices RIsing

Recession or not it appears that mooring prics continue to rise.

The auction has just closed for a mooring on our site. The highest bid received was £2151 against a guide price of £1650. A similar mooring in Cropredy closed at £2050.

There are no facilities at these moorings. Water is half a mile away. All we have are rings to tie to, and they are in the wrong place for the length of our boat!

It is all about supply and demand even in a recession. Those who can afford it will always outbid those who can't.


Will on board said...

Would you mind sharing with us how much the average cost of a mooring is at your location? Does it roughly match the £1650 guide price?

It seems to me that one of the most powerful arguments against the mooring auction is the reality that whatever the value an auctioned mooring reaches, it will immediately cause an imbalance amongst existing moorers.

Personally, I would be very disgruntled if I knew that others on my mooring were paying less than I was.

I think we could get a good feature in Tow Path Talk on this subject.

eeyore said...
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eeyore said...

The last auction, before this one, was won by an existing moorer at a bid of £1000. I am paying £1350 for a shorter mooring than this. At present, the average is probably just above the guide price.

I am not disgruntled by the successful lower bidder. I tried myself to bid lower than I pay at the moment. Good luck to him!